Technical Rescue

Agricultural Rescue Technician

Based on a profile of statistical information from October 2012 Henderson County had 557 active farms with an average of
67 acres per farm.  Over 5000 acres alone are in Apples.  North Carolina is the 7th largest producing state in the country
and Henderson County is the largest producer in North Carolina.


With each farm having multiple types of tractors, back hoes, bull dozers and other heavy equipment in addition to
grain bins, silo's and chemicals it became apparent that specialized training would be required in order to more efficiently
rescue any person(s) who became endangered.


The class that members of the Henderson County Rescue Squad participated in covered agricultural chemicals,
pesticides, and farm equipment. Extrication techniques were also reviewed and demonstrated.The class presented
the rescue technician (RT) with the elements that come into play at agricultural machinery rescue incidents. Pre-planning,
site-surveys, incident plans and size up were covered in addition to design features of various pieces of farm equipment.


Upon completion, the Ag Rescue Technician had the practical skills for correctly gaining access to and stabilizing the
environment, machinery, the patient; as well as packaging and removing the patient from an agricultural rescue incident.