Since 1957 the Henderson County Rescue Squad has provided a wide variety of services to the citizens and visitors of Henderson County and Western North Carolina.  Below are a few of the services we provide, feel free to click on each one to learn more.
Emergency Medical Services
The Henderson County Rescue Squad currently operates six state certified ambulances.  Four of these are four wheel drive.  The Rescue Squad responds to backup Henderson County EMS when all of their units are busy in addition to providing non-emergency ambulance transportation needs for the County.  The Rescue Squad is a certified EMT-Intermediate provider through the North Carolina Office of EMS.  Ambulances are staffed by the Rescue Squad part time staff & volunteers.



Swiftwater Rescue
Since our beginnings the Rescue Squad has provided a variety of water rescue services.  With a wide variety of boats and rescue equipment the Squad is equipped to handle most any surface water or ice rescue emergency.  Members undergo several levels of training for preparing for water emergencies.  Many members are trained to the technician level and awareness level training is part of the initial training required for new members.
Rope Rescue
The rugged mountains of Western North Carolina pose a unique set of problems for rescues.  The Rescue Squad maintains a well equipped and trained high angle rescue team for response to wilderness and urban settings.

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Vehicle Rescue
The Rescue Squad operates three rescue trucks to assist the local fire & rescue departments with extrication when needed.  These trucks carry a wide variety of tools and equipment to handle vehicle and machinery entrapments.  Many members are trained to the technician level of NFPA 1006 for Vehicle & Machinery Rescue.
Dive Recovery & Rescue
The drag hooks and racks of yesterday have been supplemented with divers, cameras and sonar.  But the task remains the same.  Since 1957 the Rescue Squad has been proud of our capabilities in underwater search and recovery.  Interested members undergo SCUBA & Underwater Search and Recovery training from our in house PADI instructors.



Wilderness & Urban Search and Rescue
In the event of a missing or lost person the Rescue Squad is able to perform searches in the wilderness and urban setting.
Confined Space Rescue
The Rescue Squad conducts regular training for confined space rescue and maintains equipment for rescues and recoveries from confined spaces such as manholes, industrial facilities and agricultural facilities.  All training and operations are in accordance with OSHA standards.


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Community & Sporting Event Standbys
Each year members of the Rescue Squad spend over 1000 hours of their time serving the community at events such as the NC Apple Festival, Farm City Day, football games and numerous other community events.
State Medical Assistance Team
In 2001 the State of North Carolina began developing Statewide Medical Assistance Teams (SMAT) in 2004 Henderson County was one of 28 counties selected to receive a Type III SMAT team.  These teams were formed to provide a rapid victim decontamination and mass casualty medical management service at the local, regional, or state level to assist with disaster management.