On Tuesday October 13th the HCSO Animal Enforcement division was dispatched to two dogs trapped on a rock ledge in an old quarry behind the Flat Rock Playhouse.  Lt. Ben McKay with Animal Enforcement along with several other Officers responded to the scene.  Once on scene, Lt. McKay realized that without some assistance from the Henderson County Rescue Squad and their High Angle Equipment the rescue of the dogs would not be possible.


  Lt. McKay contacted the Rescue Squad and five personnel responded to the scene with their Rescue Truck.  Once on scene an assessment was made of the situation and HCRS Chief Jimmy Brissie rappelled down to the area where the dogs were trapped, clearing brush and thorn bushes along the way.  Lt. McKay was also lowered down to the area in order to help contain the animals in case they were not friendly.  Fortunately this was not the case, and along with some treats and assistance from the rescuers, the dogs were very eager to be brought up and out of the quarry.  Once the dogs were safely out of the quarry, the rescuers were hauled back up to the top without incident.  The two dogs, one a Male Bull Terrier and the other a Female Beagle, were taken to the Henderson County Animal Shelter.  If anyone knows the owner(s) of these dogs or is interested in adopting either of them please contact the Animal Shelter at 828-697-4723.


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