bbqfestEmergency Medical & Rescue Standby Services
The Henderson County Rescue Squad provides contract standby services for community events and large gatherings.  Resources available include BLS Ambulances, ALS EMT-Intermediate Ambulances.  All terrain vehicles, EMS Bike Team, Boats and Rescue Swimmers or Divers.  A copy of our fee structure is available on the standby request form.  On occasion the Rescue Squad may waive the fees for qualifying non-profits or charitable events.

If you are interested in standby services please complete the below form and return it by email or fax.  A minimum of two weeks’ notice is required for standbys.  If you have any specific questions you can contact our office Monday - Friday between the hours of 9AM and 5PM.

**Effictive June 1st 2019**

**Please pay special attention as our standby request form layout and fees have changed**

Standby Request Form